Hey, that's me! If you haven't somehow noticed already, I go by Tiger! I'm a graduate of a Bachelor of Video Game Development (Level Design) from SAE Brisbane. Cool, right? Heaps of talented people studied video game development, so what makes me different? Well, it'd have to be my drive for the video games industry.
During my study and ever since graduation, I've been working two full-time jobs - a nightmare, I know. The job paying the bills is my role as a hospitality manager, and as soon as I get home, I get to start my beloved second job - video game development.
"You like to work, but what about your niche?" you say! Well, it'd have to be UX Design! Every project I work on, it's always about how it feels to play for me - It can be the theming of UI, the tweaking of control schemes, communicating with the player, or anything else that affects the experience. After all, if it isn't a good gameplay experience, why would anyone want to play a game. 
UX is super important to me, but I know it's not going to ship a game by itself. It's fair to ask what I'm going to do in project's that are heavy on programming, art, production or even quality assurance. And I get it, they're all needed for game development, but to put it simply, I wear all of those hats and can play any role to ship a project - I can function as a generalist.
POC In Play
"100 Black games industry professionals from six continents across the globe, a tribute for Black History Month celebrated in the UK through October."
I had been selected as part of POC in Plays 2020 curated line up of up and coming person of colour video game developers. 

Things you probably don't care about... unless?
I know it's a cliche for game developers, but I'm a tech/multimedia nerd - Specifically film and photography. Here, I have a few photos I'm rather fond of from early 2021, and I hope you enjoy them too! Outside of film and photography, I enjoy playing around with creation suites like Adobe CC in my spare time, and I love listening to hip hop music during my development hours.
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