I got the idea for this project based off the idea in a lot of Roleplaying games where the player needs to find 3 separate keys to open a door. I tried executing this by making 3 different chambers with different kinds of puzzles. The first chamber acts the same as World 1 - 1 in Super Mario Bros. in the sense where the chamber acts as a tutorial for future chambers.
The order of the second and third chambers are actually completely optional to the player and the pathway to both of them only opens up once the first chamber is completed.
The second chamber is based on the idea of timers and being fast to 'reach the other side'.
The third chamber is based on the idea of jumping and how the player can use a laser with a portal. 
Both the second and third chambers can only be completed when the player uses what they have learnt from the first chamber and if a specific cube is placed on a pressure plate to act as a key plate.
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