Type: Videogame / Commerical Project
Completed: In Development
Acquirable: TBA
My Role: Independant
Time Frame: TBA
What is Split The Party?
Split The Party is a cooperative turn-based game with role-playing elements. You and your party have to defeat the Mad Monarch but the Monarch has embedded a spy into your team who is trying to sabotage your efforts.

A print-to-play paper prototype can be found here.
An updated and expanded upon version of all documentation can be provided upon request - Recent documentation is private as Split The Party is a commercial project.

Hex Card List - Database of all hex cards, abilities, blurb, priority, stats and hex type.
Basic Game Design Document - Communicate basic core concepts, also serves as a north star.
Menu Flow Documentation - Flow charts and wireframes of the main menu flow (From launch to game start).

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