Type: Game / Major Release
Acquirable: Xbox One and
My Role: Solo Project (UX, Level Design, Programming, QA)
Time Frame: 2 Months Part-Time
What Is Evicted?
Evicted is a game released on Xbox one and, it's development time was approximately 4 weeks of full-time work. Moments after you move into your new home, you're evicted from the property and have a short amount of time to grab what you can and throw it back outside.
What I'm Proud Of
During the development of Evicted, I'm proud of quite a few things;

- Console Release: This is the first time I had released a project on a console, specifically Xbox One. I had never released on a major storefront before this and working with the Windows Store and releasing on Xbox One is something I know most game developers can't say they have done.

- Player Retention: The idea of keeping player retention through artificial awards interested me. I implemented it with a game streak where each time the time limit is reached, the player can play again and receive character and score bonuses until the game streak is broken.

- Grey boxing: Although it should always be a part of the development pipeline when developing levels for mass release products, I'm still proud of what I accomplished. Although some areas didn't change dramatically in terms of level design, the different art passes were a night a day difference during development.
Before (ontop) and after (bottom) images of greybox and final pass

(Top) Early greybox (Bottom) Final pass

What I've Learnt
As I had mentioned before, I learnt about releasing on console - specifically on Xbox One. I'm happy that I could optimise Evicted to run at a stable frame rate on the base Xbox One model. I also am familiar with implementing the storefront material for the game - dashboard icon, store icon, splash screen,  store page descriptions, etc.

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