Type: Professional Experience
Completed: Released
Acquirable: WatchOS
My Role: UI Programmer
Studio: Gameloft (Brisbane)
Time at the studio: November 2021 - Present
My Role
- Collaborate design and art to take into consideration the general user experience (Screen visibility, user input methods, accessibility options, etc.)=
- Communicate technical limitations with art (File size, no animated file formats supported, no video support, etc.)
- Integrate the Step Tracker with Apple HealthKit to track wheelchair, walk+run distance and step data.
- Set up systems for localizations of both text and units of measurement.

- Having never worked with Swift or SwiftUI before, I learnt the language and how to develop apps for the Apple Watch.
- Swift UI was an unfinished language at the time of development, so I often had to find solutions to language bugs + limitations.
- This app also synced data with The Oregon Trail Apple Arcade title, so UI had also been implemented on mobile devices.

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