Type: Videogame / Game Jam
Completed: Released
My Role: Generalist (UI, Programming, Design)
Time Frame: 2 days full-time
What is Die Head?
Die Head is a game created to evoke dread. You throw a die to see an ability and you then roll another to set the effectiveness. Using the two die, you must fend off the enemies for as along as you can. 
Aspects Of Note
Completing Die Head within 2 days was a big accomplishment for the amount of polish I had been able to implement into the project. A sign that my skills have become far more proficient.
-Ability Walls: Although it's quite a straightforward implementation to have an item spawn between 2 points, the mechanic required individual items to be spawned at different points dynamically. Utilising Lerp functionalities within monobehaviour to create different spawn points for objects at runtime achieved effects such as a wall of chess pieces dropping.
-Game Concept: Although the game concept didn't come to fruition solely from myself, I'm proud of the idea we finished with. It's easy with game jams to settle on the easiest concept that arguably lives for the game jam, but Die Head feels like it could be a vertical slice for a larger project.
-Audio Design: Different audio layers would be introduced depending on the amount of enemies on screen. This was done to introduce a level of stress rather than the player hearing the same music regardless of the player's state.

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