Type: VR Videogame / Game Jam
Completed: Released
Acquirable: (PC Only)
My Role: Solo
Time Frame: 1 week part-time
What is FlipperVR?
FlipperVR is another self-imposed game jam but this time, a virtual reality title made for PC where you have challenged the flipping gods and decide to flip 100 objects in different zones; The moon, Derelict Lab and a City Rooftop.
What I'm Proud Of
FlipperVR is my first time creating a virtual reality title. It was quite pleasing to learn both the technical and design limitations of VR using OpenXR. Other than learning VR, I am proud of some other aspects;
-ShaderGraph: Honestly, I've always found coding shaders akin to space magic. However, with Unity's ShaderGraph I have already made a few shaders from scratch, adding a new level of polish to my projects. So far, I have made; Portal/Warp Effect and Water in a bottle.

-Technical Limitations: In FlipperVR the player uses teleporters to traverse the different zones. However, I wanted to implement using seamless portals, which required a shader technique using screen space. Due to the way VR renders in both single-pass and multipass, the shader would duplicate itself slightly offset, causing motion sickness when viewed. I solved this by changing how the portal was viewed, going from a seamless design to a warp gate with a warping shader.

-Design Limitations: The biggest issue with VR and design is how realistic it feels, especially when the game isn't from a 4th person perspective. Having to allow players to walk through walls instead of having colliders to save movement immersion but still hide the 'smoke and mirrors' one would typically have in a game scene.
Another important design choice also includes how objects are interacted with in the world. For example buttons; One could have a button that is controlled with a magical ray from a distance or have a player have to physically walk up to one and hit it with their controller.

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