Succ Cannon (game) main menu
Type: Videogame
Completed: Released
My Role: Level Designer
Time Frame: 4 weeks part-time
What Is Succ Cannon?
Succ Cannon is a game I made in a two-person team during my bachelor degree. The brief was to choose a game type and research what other games of the same category do and then adopt them into our own game. We made a physics puzzle game in the same vein as Portal and Half-Life where the player has a physics gun the can suck up items and shoot them at targets - triggers, obstacles, etc.
Elemental obstacle
Elemental obstacle
Main Menu
Main Menu
A wall of obstacles tumbling down
A wall of obstacles tumbling down
What I'm Proud Of
-​​​​​​​ Language Translation: Part of the research conducted included what countries do people buy games reside. We decided to choose the top 5 languages and implement them into the game. Although I did not program the system, I conducted the research, grabbed the text required for different words and implemented the UI for players to choose it. I had to think about how people knew what menu option to choose when they don't speak the default language. I also had to think about where I was getting the text from as Google Translate is inaccurate.

- Gameplay / Level Design: After the countless playtests conducted, players had been saying the game is fun and that they learnt all of the mechanics without needing a lot of help, but the game wasn't too easy as a result. The game had no formal tutorial, and all of the mechanics were taught through level design and escalated from level to level. 

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