Type: Videogame / Game Jam
Completed: Released
My Role: Generalist (UI, Programming, Technical Art)
Time Frame: 3 days full-time
What is Duelemma?
Duelemma is the product of Global Game Jam 2022 with the prompt 'Duality'. Conceptually, the project is a metroidvania where players simply need to get to the end of the level - but the twist is that players need to swap back and forth between 2 dimensions and use the abilities which are tied to each one to progress.
What I'm Proud Of
Duelemma had an incredibly short development cycle inheritly being a game jam but it gave opportunity for big highlights for myself.
-Visuals: I had used my shader knowledge to modify the behaviour of 2d sprites and give them effects such as shadows. This is the first time I had a go at making my own volumetric lighting system, and it was for a game jam with no time for development. The volumetric lighting could have been skipped but I and the others in the team wanted to replicate the tilt-shift effect with sun shafts which is a common effect to make an object look like miniatures in both games and film.
-Player Controller: The other developers I had been collaborating with had specified very early one exactly what they want the player to be able to do. With this knowledge, being able to quickly deliver what they wanted with an emphasis on player felt was an accomplishment. I had developed this controller to be designer friendly and reusable while following SOLID principles. 

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